(served with Miso Soup, Salad & Rice)

Teriyaki Tofu Box (Avocado Roll, Cucumber Roll, Veggie Tempura) - $27.95

Chicken Teriyaki Box - $38.95

Spicy Prawn Box - $37.95

Beef Teriyaki Box - $39.95

Sushi Box - $34.95

Sashimi Box - $39.95

Chicken Katsu Box  - $38.95

(comes with the choice of either the California Roll or the Dynamite Roll along with a Cucumber Roll & Tempura)


Sizzling Halibut (Tempura Halibut, cooked in your choice of Spicy or Wild Sauce. Served with a bowl of Rice & Miso Soup) - $26.95

Sca-Prawn Skewers (Scallops & Prawns on two bamboo skewers) - $18.75

Beef Yaki Udon - $24.50

Beef Yaki Soda - $24.50

Chicken Yaki Udon - $22.50

Chicken Yaki Soba - $22.50

Skinner Plate ( Two Small Cali Roll, Two small Dynamite Roll, Avocado Roll, Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Cucumber Roll,Smoll BC roll , Sweet potatp Roll - $78.75

Chicken Oh Avocado - $8.75

Albacore Tuna Appy (Tuna in Soy Sauce, Ginger & Sesame Oil, Top of Avocado in wwasabi mayo ,salmon in Balsamic Vinegar) -$28.50

Chiken Teriyaki  Donburi                                             _$23.50

(come wiht miso soup ,sunomono salad)

* Beef Donburi                                                            _$25.25

(come wiht miso soup ,sunomono salad)


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